Production Release 2024.8 was released on 26th February 2024.

The Level Crossing workbank has now been imported into the Complete Workbank.

To Access:

To access the Level Crossing workbank, from the calendar, simply click to switch between Interlockings and Level Crossings:

To Edit:

Editing LX Projects works the same way as Interlocking Projects, just click on the bar to edit the Name, Date, Work Type and level crossings. Additional attributes are available to help you view LX data side by side with the calendar, and you can use the option filters to narrow in on a specific area:

Please do start to edit your LX projects and let us know if you need any help.

Level Crossing Source Data:

  1. We continue to work on Level Crossing data. Some ALCRM LX could not be easily exported and we are working to manually bring these in with their associated workbank, this affects around 130 LX that have projects in the workbank.
  2. A number of workbank projects could not be implemented according to the technology on the LX and rules/policies as we understand them. We have conducted some in depth data analysis to uncover these particular areas. Where we have been able to guess the “correct” work type, we have done so and where we could not we have gathered the information together. We will be reaching out to each route shortly for clarification and notification of the changes we have made.

Coming Soon:

Costs and corresponding outputs are coming very soon, including the workbank view, the financial template (cost and volume reports) with KVLs/KVMs and the Capex Package Costs view.

Coming Later This Year:

We will be focusing on the work type selector, making it easier to select the right work type for the technology. We will also be introducing a suggestion mechanism for LX project creation based on existing Interlocking projects, and looking to present a combined CCS calendar. We’d love to hear your suggestions for future improvements to the LX workbank, so please get in touch!

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