Production Release 2023.32 was released on 7th August 2023.

This release contains a new Cost and Volumes report, easier exporting of the Bill of Quantities by project or package, improved package filters and display of packages on the rollout calendar and improvements to Worktype colour assignation and ordering.

Read on for other improvements we’ve released and to query any items within the release or to raise a new issue, please use the Product Support widget available within Rail BI.


  • Cost and Volumes Reporting: Access volume (DAV, AAV, CAV) and cost tables, including ‘Cash View’ per year in the current control period. Totals for subsequent control periods, grouped by Worktypes, are also available. Export to Excel function included.
  • Bill of Quantities (BoQ): Streamlined BoQ downloads for projects and packages to CSV or PDF. Click any row on the calendar for project BoQ download or click Package name in Projects view for Package BoQ download.
  • Package/Project Filters: Enhanced option filters now group packaged projects within their package. Toggle to include all or select specific projects within a package.
  • Package Display: Packages are now displayed in bold font in the Projects view of the rollout calendar. Package rows show grouped projects within.
  • Worktypes: Rail BI administrators can assign colors to Worktypes, reflected in legends of output displays. Customizable Worktype ordering for consistent listing presentation.
  • Interlocking CapEx Report: New column added to display the Package.
  • Interlocking CapEx Report: Temporary removal of column totals to enhance page load speed. Replacement solution to follow. Column totals available upon CSV export.
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