Production Release 2022.44 was released on 17 October 2022.

This release contains introduces the improvements to cost overrides, additions and improvements to rate profiling by SEU, cost profiling of project by SEU and Project Cost, faster caching with key outputs being available far earlier in the caching process, a new function to merge projects from one option to another and much more.

Read on for other improvements we’ve released and to query any items within the release or to raise a new issue, please use the Product Support widget available within Rail BI.


Costs – Cost Overrides for projects now support:

Adding of custom costs to a project

Adding of linked costs to a project

Export/Import of costs via CSV should you wish to override costs in bulk

Costs can be deleted

Costs – Option Adjustments are now easier to add as a search function is provided to associate an option adjustment with an RMM item in the cost dataset.

Costs – RMM items can now contain multiple rate profiles including a new option to scale costs based on the number of SEUs within a project or package.

Costs – Rate profiles may now be applied to Business Change costs.

Costs – Reviewing the differences between different versions of impact datasets is now faster and clearer.

Options – Caching speed has improved and access to the Cost Profile graph and Package and Interlocking CapEx costs is available much sooner.

Options – Package CapEx Costs now load far quicker than previously.

Options – You can now merge projects from one option into another using the merge function on the rollout calendar. Useful if you’re running alternative scenarios in other options and wish to merge back into a main option.

Options – Auto generated projects should now be created with unique names

Options – Exports of large files now use the streaming service whereby the file begins to download to your browser instantaneously and continues to download whilst you continue to use the application.

Options – The Bill of Quantities now contains a toggle that displays the quantity algorithm in use when enabled.

Maps – Maps can now be filtered by projects and packages.

Operations – CPI and RPI rates can now be updated for users with admin permissions

Settings – Technology Profiles have been updates to be available for personal use or for global use.

Settings – Worktype definitions for requirements now allow for multiple requirements to be set.

Settings – Projects can now be configured with Project Cost Bands and SEU bands. This allows different projects to use different cost profiles based on the number of SEUs and costs within the project.

Benefits – The benefits engine and associated calculations has been rebuilt to provide quicker calculations.

Benefits – When running benefit calculation outputs you can choose which years of past performance data to include within option settings.

Data – Rail Delivery Group train data has been updated

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