When you are looking to plan your next maintenance or upgrade project we already know that there are several things to consider such as budget, timeframe and materials to use within the task you are setting out to complete. 

One thing you may not have considered is the software platform that you are going to use to help you plan your project. By selecting the best rail planning software first before starting your project, you are ensuring your best chance of success. 

What Is Rail Planning Software?

At Rail BI, we’ve analysed all of the tasks that need to be completed to complete a successful rail project and designed our industry-leading SaaS rail planning software platform. 

By utilising data warehouses to provide you with the best information at any stage of your project, advanced cost and benefit estimations and seamless business case production using your full project workflow information it doesn’t get simpler to plan the most successful projects using our business intelligence rail planning software. 

Using our scalable rail planning business intelligence SaaS, you can analyse and visualise connected data in an easy-to-read format and produce all business cases with the same platform, the same data, and the same calculations, again and again. 

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is built into the heart of our business, and it helps you create the most informed decisions at any stage of your planning process. 

From helping you by running simulations based on selected parameters (and see how your project outcome changes by making some small changes) to provide you with complete and accurate data throughout the entire process – selecting the right rail planning software is one of the most important decisions that you can make. 

Why Do I Need A Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is simply a way of storing all of your data in one place and making sure that your single dataset is correct. 

With a single set of accurate data (which can be brought in from any source and stored centrally to your project), you are ensuring that when this data is used at any point in your planning it is 100% correct. We previously wrote an article on “Why Is Data Accuracy Important And How Do I Keep Accurate Data?” which breaks down further the importance of data accuracy and how a tiny change (even something as small as 1p) across parts of your planning process can lead into massive miscalculations further into your project. 

Within Rail Bi, all of our data is continually updated, so you can be sure that decisions are made on only the latest information with no shocks when producing your business case after looking at your cost estimates and having to update data to the latest information. 

How Can I Find Out More?

Using business intelligence tools (such as our rail planning software platform) gives you the confidence to make better decisions, and enhance productivity and efficiency. We can help you get the best results and the correct information every time.  

For more information about our product and to see how using business intelligence can significantly improve your planning for rail maintenance, upgrades and more, contact one of our team today for a demo of our rail planning application. 

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