What is the easiest way to make your asset data more accessible? By displaying it on a map!

This might sound like a simple idea, but having asset data mapped against areas of the line that you are responsible for brings many huge benefits. 

Great data is better than acceptable data

Having a good dataset to begin with is one of the most important parts of any project. Using our centralised data warehouse, any data that you use is not only updated regularly but also exactly the same data that is used in any part of your project. By pulling your information from a central repository, you can be sure that no small mistakes put your project’s budget out of the window when you come to complete the work orders. 

Connected asset data saves the day

Another huge benefit of having great data at your disposal is that you can see anything that may have a knock on effect from your initial work. If you are looking at upgrading a signal box at Site A, that technology may no longer work with Crossing B so needs to be included in your plans. 

Connected asset information can also show you how many of each asset you have in a specified location, what technology they are using and how long they have been in service. Grouping these project plans into workbanks can not only save you time, but money over a several year period. 

Why display asset information on a map?

Being able to view your asset information on a map brings large benefits to any project. 

When you are able to see what exists in a location, not only can you see the scale of the task that you are undertaking but also what may be lacking. 

You may be looking to replace one asset group, but looking at your assets displayed on a map it’s possible to see that while work is taking place on a specific section of line there could be additional work that can take place during the same time period. By grouping work together you save on downtime, potential line closures and possibly cost too. 

Cost estimations included

Utilising the power of the Rail BI platform, once you’ve finalised a list of work to be completed you can produce cost estimations straight away – no manual data entry into another product required! As you are using the same data throughout the entire project, you can be sure that all of the numbers match up too! 

Create accurate reports and business cases on your project plans, adjust as required and run them again to see the updated information all from one place. 

Learn more about our business intelligence platform

To learn more about how Rail Bi can help all of your project planning needs, contact one of our team today for further information or to schedule a platform demonstration. 

We can show you how our business intelligence rail tool can give you the confidence to make better decisions, view asset and technology relationships in real time  and enhance productivity and efficiency. We can help you get the best results and the correct information every time. 

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