We put a lot of faith in software these days, from letting it plan our days and travel to allowing it into our homes to control all manner of things via voice commands but why should you trust software to help us make important decisions that could cost your company hundreds of thousands (if not millions)? See how software backed decision making can help.

Software Backed Decision Making

When using Rail Bi – our rail SaaS platform, we have a huge central repository of data that connects unconnected databases and spreadsheets from all across the rail industry to provide you with one of the most expansive datasets available to base your plans and decisions on. 

Not only are you provided with a huge amount of data that is available at the click of a button, but when this data is updated all of your projects will be automatically updated too – no need to waste time manually updating hundreds of documents when one data warehouse houses all of the information. 

Consistent and Accurate Data

Another great reason for using our comprehensive dataset is accuracy. When you are pulling information from various sources, it’s extremely easy to make a simple mistake. A difference of £0.01 in a single figure could run into thousands depending on the size of your project.

Using software backed decision making, having a consistent dataset allows you to be sure of the numbers and allows you to produce business cases all within the same platform, using the same data (and the same calculations) again and again. Not only does this make your data more accurate, but saves a huge amount of time and money! We took a deeper look into this with our blog article “Why Is Data Accuracy Important And How Do I Keep Accurate Data?”.

Clear Results

Software doesn’t have to be confusing which is why the Rail BI platform lets you analyse not only your reporting (which is standardised for ease of use), but the ability to visualise all connected data to see how any changes may affect other aspects of your route maintenance project.

Simulation Of Success

Do you want to see the expected outcome of your project planning without having to spend all important time and money? By using our scenario planning, you can accurately see the predicted outcome of your project and how small changes lead to big differences in the end result.

Make a couple of small tweaks and run your scenario again – you can cross reference the end results to see what best suits your project, your timescale and your budget.

When we make use of software in the decision making process, you are giving yourself better data, better insights and a better understanding of the project you are working on.

Using business intelligence tools (such as our rail planning software platform) gives you the confidence to make better decisions, view asset and technology relationships in real time and enhance productivity and efficiency. We can help you get the best results and the correct information every time.

For more information about our product and to see how using business intelligence can significantly improve your planning for rail maintenance, upgrades and more, contact one of our team today for a demo of our rail planning platform.

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